Villa Massage Promotion - Villa Signorini HotelVilla Signorini Hotel
Special Sunday offer
15 June 2022
Moments of Relaxation Offer
15 November 2022

Villa Massage Promotion


Mini-relaxation(15-minute relaxing massage your choice of back, legs and feet, hands-arms-face, face only. 15 minutes 20.00€)
Relaxation(Relieves muscle tension, relaxes the mind, stimulates blood microcirculation, drains liquids and restore psychophysical balance. 30 minutes 30,00€ or 50 minutes 45,00€)
4-hand massage(Sensory perception is total and creates a state of absolute serenity. 50 minutes 80,00€)
Couple’s Massage(Strengthens emotional ties and creates new passions between the people undergoing this treatment. The massage ends with a Fruits en Tranches. 50 minutes 100,00€)

Ayurvedic lymphodraining(Smooth, slow and continuous massaging movements accompanied by the use of specific oils. Helps drain excess fluids and free the body from lymph stasis deflating and lightening the limbs, stimulating the immune system. 30 minutes 35,00€)
Decontracturising(Deeply relaxes fatigued muscles, helping them to recover more quickly following exertion performed in the gym or in everyday life. 30 minutes 30,00€ oppure 50 minutes 55,00€)
Cervical-Lumbar(Eases body pain and tension by acting specifically on these areas of the body which are frequently affected by chronic pain symptoms.
including of a structural and chronic nature. 30 minutes 35,00€)

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